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What JRoseViewer is

JRoseViewer is a Java GUI program that can be used to view model files (.MDL) created by Rational Rose.

Why develop a viewer for Rational Rose

I have been using Rational Rose for years since I was a C++ programmer. Yes, Rose is powerful, rose is great. However, what bothers me when distributing my UML design is:
  • Everyone has to install the huge Rational Rose package, even though all you want is only to read, not to modify
  • People work with operating systems other than MS Windows won't be able to install it as it's Windows-only
You may say "There are some alternatives, such as SODA and Web Publisher."

Yes, you're right. SODA is another excellent tool, but you cannot find a Model Browser in generated documents, which would be very necessary to understand the model hierarchy. Web Publisher keeps almost everything that you can see with Rose, but all diagrams will be converted to raster images, you can't zoom them in/out. And, when you have a large model, it would take a long time to execute SODA or Web Publisher. Suppose you took 30 minutes or longer to build a Word formatted document or HTML formatted design model distribution, and suddenly find a small typo in the original model -- well, another 30 mintues :-(


  • Crossplatform
  • Model Browser
  • Rendering UML Diagrams
    • Class Diagram
    • Use Case Diagram
    • Sequence Diagram (under development)
    • Collaboration Diagram (under development)
    • Statechart Diagram (under development)
    • Activity Diagram (under development)
    • Component Diagram (under development)
    • Deployment Diagram (under development)
    • Data Model Diagram
  • Saving Diagrams as PNG images
  • Saving Diagrams as SVG files
  • Printing Diagrams

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